Studio A

16' Ceilings.
White brick walls.
Concrete floors.
insanely large windows. and one killer view of downtown st. paul.

You know you want to...

A view that can't be beat

Studio B

amenities + add-ons


Studios for hourly, half-day + daily rentals

Apparatus is located in a warehouse along the river overlooking downtown St. Paul, about a mile away from I-94 or Highway 52.

We have a large private parking lot with loading dock access.
There are carts and pallet jacks available, as well as a modern passenger elevator.

Our studio is situated on the top floor in a corner suite with large windows that provide ample natural light, which can be blacked out by blinds.

We have 16’ ceilings, white brick walls and concrete floors.
Max electrical output is 2500W/circuit with 2 circuits available in each studio.

Day rentals typically include access to our main studio, Studio A, or our secondary studio, Studio B. Kitchen & lounge spaces are only accessible when booking Studio A. The boudoir is available at an additional rate when booking Studio A.

Access to the external secondary shooting bay is welcomed regardless of which studio you reserve, but privacy in this area cannot be guaranteed. Our building is home to other tenants, and our restrooms are a shared commodity, therefore building activity is possible, though infrequent.

studio layout


Studio B is about 1400 sq feet, with an additional 800 sq feet of shared space in the external bay.

Studio B is our newer secondary studio (across the hall) that's more minimalist and modern. All of the props available for use in this space are neutral tones. While booking Studio B does not get you access to the kitchen, lounge, or boudoir areas, you'll find unique new textures around this space.

Studio B

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The boudoir is available at an additional rate when booking Studio A. 

• Boudoir Access - $75 ($125 for full day)
• Clawfoot Bathtub (fill & drain) - $60


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A great place for clients to chill between shots with Studio A. Plenty of dishware, a microwave, a full-sized fridge, counter space, and comfy furniture.

Kitchen + Lounge

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The Common Area is available to use when booking either Studio A or Studio B.

common area


The studio includes high-speed WiFi for all guests and a bluetooth audio system for playing music. Clean bathrooms are next door to the studios.


comfort + refreshments

We offer complimentary hot tea, french press coffee, and cold filtered water. A rotating array of sparkling water, juices, and iced teas are also available for purchase. The client lounge in Studio A offers a comfortable place for clients or guests to wait during breaks or between shoots. Studio B also has a designated sofa area and mini fridge.


Styling Tools

All rentals include access to our garment steamers, clothing racks with hangers, hair & makeup styling stations with backup styling accessories.


Furniture + props

All rentals include use of whatever furniture and props we may have available, which consists of a large variety of chairs, stools and sofas. We try to update our selection regularly, so checking our Instagram may be the best place to look for inspiration.



The studio is well equipped for most small to midsize production needs! We offer a basic grip package that is included with all rentals -

  • Apple box set
  • 3'x5' standing reflectors
  • C-stands
  • V-flats
  • Colored gels
  • A-clamps, super clamps & clip clamps
  • Extension cords
  • Gaff tape
  • Sandbags
  • High-powered fans
  • Garment steamers & clothing racks with hangers
  • 10 ft & 6 ft ladders and several stepstools

We also offer lighting equipment and other tools, as well as a large assortment of seamless & fabric backdrops available for rent. Click here to learn more.


Included                 Amenities


$20 flat fee + $15 per hour or $150/full day

(2) Profoto D1 1000W Air & (1) Profoto D1 500W Air
1200W Acute Profoto power pack & (3) light heads
Pocket Wizards
2’ white umbrellas & 5’ white shoot-through umbrellas
Profoto 6’x1’ stripbox
Profoto 5’x1’ stripbox
Westcott Rapid Box 24” beauty dish
(2) Westcott 3’x5’ softboxes
(2) Profoto 2’x3’ softboxes
Westcott 7’ octabank

(3) SL-60 LED Video Lights
(2) 3’x4’ softboxes
36” parabolic softbox
Godox gobo projection set with various shapes
Grids & barn doors
Studio B clients may use one Godox light with any rental.

Additional lighting gear available with lighting rentals:
4x4’ scrims
Video LED panel lights


9' Seamless or fabric


Backdrop purchase includes professional setup.
Specific colors or 12’ rolls must be requested in advance, otherwise options are limited to our current inventory.

*Click the image to enlarge it



Backdrop purchase includes professional setup.
Specific colors or 12’ rolls must be requested in advance, otherwise options are limited to our current inventory.

Tethering monitor w/ rolling cart



4K Monitor mounted to heavy duty rolling cart with built-in power strip. HDMI, MiniDP and tethering cables for various cameras are included.

Rolling Camera Stand


A very sturdy option for holding any camera size. 8’ tall and allows you to transition easily from a straight-on angle to a bird’s eye view in a flash.

*Click on an image to enlarge




Add a little summer to your shoot year-round! 6x12' roll of astroturf is a $15 add-on.

Flamingoes not included.




Water Bottles

Add ons

Frequently Asked Questions


Studio A is our main studio. Booking this space will also give you access to the kitchen and lounge. The boudoir room is an add on to this studio. The available props in this space are more colorful and range from vintage, boho, and a bit modern.

Studio B is our newer secondary studio (across the hall) that's more minimalist and modern. All of the props available for use in this space are neutral tones. While booking Studio B does not get you access to the kitchen, lounge, or boudoir areas, you'll find unique new textures around this space.

Both spaces are priced out equally, the rest is up to you!


Test vs production

Test shoots are short with a maximum of up to 4 hours and groups of up to 8 people total. This is an affordable option for photographers that are portfolio-building or shooting simple client sessions, such as portraits, boudoir sessions, or basic product photos.

We offer our full-service rental options as Production bookings. These can be booked as longer sessions further in advance. If you are shooting video, planning an extensive shoot that has a full team involved, or you need more than 4 hours, you would want to book your session as a Production.



All reservations are non-refundable. Reservations can be rescheduled once up to 72 hours in advance. Any cancellation or rescheduling outside of these terms is subject to our team’s discretion. 



Although recommended, insurance is not required for normal hourly rentals. Renters are liable for any damages or fees incurred, and we require having a card on file for liability purposes. By reserving your appointment, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to our day rental policies.

The safety of our clients and their guests are top priorities. The studio is equipped with video surveillance for security and liability purposes, and we always have staff on site to help alleviate any issues or concerns.



Your reservation starts at the time that you book online, and it's possible someone may be booked following your session. It's encouraged to book more than just your "shoot time" if you need to set up and tear down. Please let us know if you happen to run late and if there's anything we can do to help get things rolling right away.

If there is someone immediately following your session, there is a $75 fee for going overtime. If the studio is available, you are welcome to extend your session at $75 / hour ($50 / hour for test shoots).



Your reservation includes exclusive use of the studio space, with no one else sharing any parts of it. While we always have staff on site in our dedicated office, you will generally be left alone and uninterrupted during your session in the studio. We are available for assistance when needed, but any privacy requests will be respected. 



Our studio is more than just a space we offer to shoot in; it's a full-fledged service. On the time of your reservation, simply notify us of your arrival and we will escort you into the space through our secure building. Our staff is available to help you load in, as well as get you all set up with anything else you may need throughout the duration of your shoot, whether it's putting up backdrops, studio lights, or just preparing fresh coffee. Our goal is to enable your production to run as smoothly and merrily as possible.


booking process

All first-time renters MUST book with our online booking system so we can save your information on file, as well as provide consent that you've read our policies. Once set up, our booking system is very convenient and easy to use, but you are also welcome to set up appointments over the phone.



Please be aware that Studio Apparatus is not a soundstage. The building does have concrete floors and is well-insulated from outdoor noise, and activity on our floor is infrequent. Generally, noise is not an issue, but because the studio itself is not soundproof, some disturbance may be possible and outside of our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee perfect silence in the space at all times.



To keep our studio clean for every guest, the studio must be put back into the same condition it was before your rental session; anything that is not adequately cleaned up is subject to a cleaning fee at the end of the shoot.

Rentals involving substances that are difficult to clean or remove, such as paint and glitter, are strictly prohibited.

Otherwise as long as it is well-contained and properly cleaned, getting a little bit messy is usually not an issue. We do ask that you notify us ahead of time if you are planning a messy shoot!


pet policy

We love pets! All critters are welcome here, as long as they are relatively well-behaved and supervised. They must be leashed or in a carrying kennel when not inside the studios walls.


event hosting

Looking to host your wedding, shower, birthday party, corporate event or something else? Fill out our inquiry form here:


inquire here for event hosting

"We used Room A and B at Studio Apparatus and highly recommend it. The space worked perfectly for our needs and exceeded our expectations. The pricing is fair and affordable especially with all of the unique features, props and textures! "

- Elysia

"The space is beautiful and the staff are very helpful, kind and attentive.

I booked them for an hour-long branding photo shoot in the morning and from the beginning, the staff was so helpful. They prepared everything from coffee to asking us if we needed any tools for lighting or backdrops. We used Studio A for a modern and minimal vibe, and the space was perfect for our vision. I highly recommend booking Studio Apparatus for your next session!  "

- Bentley

"Studio Apparatus is amazing!

It was easy to find and I could just show up and shoot. It is a beautiful studio and it was a fun experience for someone that has never photographed in a studio. Highly recommend. "

- Cassidy

"Studio Apparatus was so great!

 love working with them and their spaces are open and beautiful! "

- Andres

"Studio Apparatus is my favorite studio in Minnesota.

 I have photographed here a handful of times and I really appreciate all that they do to make their studio space the perfect place to create."

- Erica

"by far are the most professional and convenient studio in town.

- Josh

"Probably where Aristotle had his headshots taken."